Liverpool Pride 2018

Pride poster 2018

Property Pool Guide

See below for our latest version of the Property Pool guide from our homeless prevention service! To download it just click here and save the pdf to your computer!

PPP leaflet A5aPPP leaflet A5bPPP leaflet A5cPPP leaflet A5dPPP leaflet A5ePPP leaflet A5fPPP leaflet A5gPPP leaflet A5h


Volunteers Week!

This week is volunteers week! As a thank you to our lovely and amazing volunteers we went out for our dinner and to play a few games of pool after our Tuesday coffee morning.


I also asked a few of our volunteers about their roles in the videos below.  Our Links day service wouldn’t be half of how fantastic it is without our volunteers. So THANK YOU SO MUCH on behalf of everyone at Creative Support services in Liverpool.